The day I made her an offer she couldn’t refuse!

With the changing of seasons I look at my wardrobe and wonder why I still own certain clothing pieces. I look at a top knowing I hardly wore it last winter and chances I’ll wear it this winter are slim to none. The minimalist in me screams, “just get rid of it,” while the hoarder in me beckons me to “just hold onto it for a little longer, just in case.”

I work at a group home and a several weeks ago one of my residents came up to me after looking me over and said should I ever not want any part of my outfit she would gladly take it off my hands. Is it silly that my confidence meter shot up through the roof!? Weeks later after taking her and our other residents to Plato’s Closet I decided to take my clothes there too. I went with the whimsical idea they would love all my items as much as my resident did and perhaps I’d get some cash for my items. Unfortunately, they only bought one pair of jeans. As one of my residents would say, T-R-A-G-I-C! I felt defeated.

Later that day the same resident boldly let me know that the _____(insert her name here) Foundation was and would always be taking clothing donations. I laughed out loud and shot her a smile. Every once in a while I get a really bright idea, I had one zip through my mind, and I grabbed that sucker! I turned around and said, “I have a proposition for you,” and her eyes locked onto mine. I explained how we had taken our clothing to Plato’s Closet with no luck. I proposed we exchange clothes and whatever we did not take from one another we could try to sell to a different consignment store. She looked at me with excited eyes and said, “Yeah!” I was thrilled! I extended my arm and hand to shake hers and she giggled after I said, “Thank you, it was nice doing business with you.” We decided on a time and place to meet the next day for our clothing exchange.


An Exhilarating Exchange

Minutes after I saw her the next day she cleared her throat and asked me if I remembered what we were going to do that day. I said yes, ran around the corner, and brought my clothes to her. She was pleased I remembered and was ready. In a chop-chop manner we sat down on the floor like two six year old sisters on Christmas morning, excited to catch a glimpse of soon-to-be cherished clothing pieces. I am proud to announce we left our “business meeting” with fun personal pieces that were modest, fit our current style, and personality! Yay! Man, I wish every business meeting could be that amazing!

Here are a few of my finds…

(Insert pictures of my finds)


Tag, you’re it!

You’ve read one clothing exchange testimony. Would you like to experience one too? I’d encourage you to ask your cousins, friends, and family to have an exhilarating exchange experience! Make a night of it, turn on some fun music, eat together, and explore! Try it, I bet it could be an exciting evening!

XOXO La Frugalista

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