Five Minute Friday: Keep


I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve sat on the floor of my room with several piles around me wondering, what do I keep? There are times when I’m not quite sure what to keep or give away. And there are plenty of times when I know I need to give things away and I don’t. I hold onto them for just a while longer and then down the road I give it away.

There was a day last week when I knew exactly what I needed to do and I went through with my plan. After praying with my friend over the phone I used the decorated shoe box I made and put that book I knew I needed to give away to her. I added a few other little gifts, wrote her a letter that said,” …because I love you,” and dropped it off at her apartment.

It was wonderful to give away what I knew I wasn’t called to keep.

She and I were both blessed and healed through those moments.

I’m thankful I didn’t keep that book.

2 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Keep”

  1. What a lovely, inspiring post. Thank you.

    I plan to move from Houston to MD in May and only want to move the things I need. Just this morning I was trying to decide whether to keep a soap dispenser or leave it. Your post confirms my decision, Someone else can have the soap dispenser. It’s nice but I really don’t need it and I certainly don’t want to pay to move it. Now, I need only make my way through the rest of my belongings. I’ll keep your post in mind and be glad when i don’t weigh myself down with things I don’t need.

    Visiting from Five Minute Friday,

    Drusilla Barron

  2. ok, this is precious! first of all, because you have something that mattered to your heart, and second, because you listened to the “still small voice,” and as a result of your obedience to Him, you blessed someone else. thanks for writing for five on friday!!

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