Recycle, reuse, for a purpose, for you!

I enjoy arts and crafts, it’s an activity I can engage in to feel refreshed! Here’s my latest project!

I thought about tossing this baseball cap away because I never use it…then I decided otherwise! I visited Pinterest for inspiration and quickly thought of a new design I could embellish it with.


I rummaged through scraps of fabric my mom had lying around and traced the shape of NC to the fabric. I cut it out and hand sewed it to my baseball cap!



I am so glad I chose not to throw it out. Here’s a little jingle that I hope will encourage you do embark on your own exciting craft…

Recycle, re-use, for a purpose, for you!

Under construction: my room renovation

I’m in the process of renovating my bedroom. This little renovation has taken place without spending a penny. And you can do this too! “How?” You ask. I’ve got the answer, “Recycle, re-use, for a purpose: for you!” That’s how!

And there are a few things tucked under my bed…okay, okay…several things (and that’s alright) here’s how:

1. Get organized
2. Give generously- to family, friends, and my local goodwill
3. Glean little treasures- I asked my amazing mom for help (she gave me several pieces for this room! (And whose to say you can’t do a little receiving or swapping with a friend/ family member too?)
4. Get creative and crafty: I made a few wall decor items with items I had and found in my mom’s garage

I’m not claiming to be any sort of interior designer and I know some of these pieces may be a bit out of’s a start, right?!

The room in all it’s glory 😉


Wall decor

My finished wall


I created the three ballet slippers inspired pieces. (Pinterest inspiration and my personal creation.)
Materials: scissors, strong, childhood ballet slippers, and frames.

The remaining wall decor was created by my amazing mother!

My room renovation thus far…




This room renovation is a work in progress and the only thing I plan to spend money on is a new comforter and sheets.

I hope you draw some ideas and inspiration from this post. Happy room renovating! Go have some fun!